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Annual Workshop on SIMS

Welcome to the Annual Workshop on SIMS

This site is the registration service for SIMS Workshops.

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2017 Workshop in Madison, WI

Jerry Hunter, Madison University, is hosting 2017

The 27th Annual Workshop on SIMS is being hosted by Jerry Hunter at the University of Wisconsin in Madison (Mechanical Engineering Building, 1513 University Av, Madison, WI 53706).

This year’s workshop will feature some notable changes:

  • The workshop will be two days long
  • There will be no registration fee
  • Attendees will be free to choose their own accommodations and meal arrangements

We believe the flexibility afforded by these changes will stimulate attendance by a larger and more diverse group of scientists interested in all aspects of SIMS.

Please use the link to register and answer a few questions regarding the content you’d like to see presented at the workshop. Explore the information through the other links. Contact us for any questions.
Greg Gillen
Joe Bennett
Jerry Hunter

Conference Organizer:
Karen Bair

Spread the Word

The Annual Workshop on SIMS has been offered 26 times.  We are now on the 27th Annual Workshop on SIMS.

In light of this, we are going to ascertain interest in continuing the Workshops.  To do this, we are including a series of questions in the registration form.  We appreciate your assistance in:

  1. Spreading the word among the community about the Workshop.
  2. Taking time to respond to the questions in the registration form.

By determining your interests, we can better serve the need of the SIMS Community.

Upcoming events

Who we are

We were a small group of SIMS scientists who founded the organization in the late 80's.  From our initial small group, we grew to worldwide recognition and attendance. The Annual Workshop on SIMS has been an important part of sharing and exploring for many years.  Our hope is to continue well into the future.

What we do

Our two main focus areas are:
  1. Annual Workshop on SIMS which brings together scientists, industry, government and corporations to discuss and explore advances in the SIMS field.
  2. SIMS List Service which allows discussions among SIMS scientists.

The website can be viewed at

Why join us

Our Annual Workshops are structured so you get the most information in the least amount of time.  You will network and build new relationships as well as renew old friendships.  The science is ever evolving; this is the best way to learn of new paths and technology in the field. The Annual Workshop is an ideal place for new SIMS scholars to start.

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